My manifesto focuses on what is required to grow tennis across the world and to make the ITF strong.

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By working together, as a global tennis family, our sport can truly realise its potential.


My vision
for the ITF

My manifesto to grow and strengthen
the ITF is built on seven core pillars:

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Relations with important constituents

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Governance & Integrity

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Contribution to society and environment

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Commercial & income generation

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Development of Tennis

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Development of Tennis

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Structure of the ITF

You can read more about my vision for the ITF, and the
seven core pillars in my manifesto: Together for Tennis

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Tenis Ball

A truly global candidate


  • Irish citizen
  • Born in Guyana, South America
  • Grew up in the Caribbean
  • Educated in North America
  • Lives in London
  • Worked in Asia
  • Has visited over 140 nations developing and promoting tennis on behalf of the ITF
  • Irish international and x3 national champion
  • US college tennis player
  • ITF Director of Development [1997-2015]
  • Chair, ITF Into to Tennis Taskforce [2002-2015]
  • Chair, ITF Coach Education Taskforce [2006-2012]
  • Developed and launched 1st global tennis ratings system [2003]
  • Tennis Industry Association board member 2007-2015
  • Author of seven coaching books
  • Two business degrees
  • Developed, ran and then sold indoor tennis business


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